Online Survival Kit

This Online Survival Kit offers practical tools, advice and techniques that teach you how to circumvent censorship and to secure yo communications and data. This handbook will gradually be unveiled in order to provide everyone with the means to resist censors, governments or interests groups that want to courntrol news and information and gag dissenting voices.

There are number of ways you can hide your identity when using the Internet. Any path towards anonymity needs to consider local conditions, your own tech- nical competence and your level of paranoia. If you're worried that what you're posting could put you at risk and you're capable of installing it, posting to a blog through Tor is a very good idea. If you don' really need to be anonymous, don't be. If your name is associated with your words, people are likely to take your words seriously. But some people are going to need to be anonymous. Don't use these techniques unless you really need to